December 30, 2004

Final Meet-Up Call

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Final call for our First Meet-Up. Please e-mail to let me know that you are coming. Here's what we are doing:

                   Puck's at the Museum of Contemporary Art
                   220 East Chicago Avenue, just one block east of Michigan Avenue
                   January 9th, 2005 @ 1 PM

Edit: If you are coming, please come straight to the restaraunt. That's easier than, like, holding up a sign.

December 23, 2004

Scared of Santa?

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The holidays are a time when cameras come out the most. Hundreds of thousands of family pictures, pictures of people opening presents, and other pictures of holiday traditions will be taken.

Circulating around the web is a gallery of photographs of kids who are scared of santa. After thumbing through a bunch of these I noticed that the first 25 photos are from Chicagoland families, submitted to the Tribune.

If you're on vacation or if there's no one at your office (as in my case), go ahead and check these out for a good holiday laugh.


December 20, 2004


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So far we've got 6 people who are coming to the First Annual Chicago Photobloggers Meet-Up. I'm going to make reservation on January 3rd, 2005. So make sure you're all RSVP-ed to me by then.

Thinking ahead to the future, however, I was thinking that we could do something along the lines of what they did in NYC. I could start work on that if anyone would be interested. Let me know because it's something I would love to see happen.

  • I'd love to see, maybe, eight photographers speak (must be in Chicago-area).
  • They would speak about their different techniques in Photoshop and web-publishing and their online muses.
  • Also, they would speak on how Chicago has affected their photography and different moods their Chicago photography offers.

It's a digital-era and I want to see how different people are capturing the city. I think we can talk about the non-digital stuff on Jan. 9. Once again, my e-mail address Please e-mail me about this (subject: "Chicago Photoblog Meet-Up 2"). I'm going to need some help talking to the Apple store and a way to get eight photographers to speak.

December 19, 2004

Thank you and continual improvements

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First of all, I'd like to thank Chicagoist, Gapers Block, and Chicago Metblog for putting our name out there for Chicago bloggers to see. Their help was instrumental in helping us get our feet off the ground.

For those of you who are on our ever-growing photoblogroll, please remember to provide some link back to us! Use the provided button there in the sidebar and make sure it links back to us. Help spread the word! Tell your friends, Romans, and countrymen!

Here are some things that are going on behind the scenes:

- I've added horizontal rules to appear below each comment. It makes it a lot easier to read them.

- I'm going to continuously add links to the sidebar to Chicago photography resources. Things that I have in mind include camera shops, photography groups, cool places to shoot, and anything else related to Chicago and photography. If there is a link you'd like to see up there, send an email to

- The photoblog is in the works. I've already received submissions and will put those up as soon as I get the photoblog up and running.

- Speaking of submissions, if you're interested in being a contributor to the blog send an e-mail asking to be one! I've already sent invitations to people who want to contribute, so don't be shy!

- Remember to email Nick [ ] to tell him if you're interested in attending a Chicago photobloggers get together, which looks to happen sometime around the middle of January of the new year.

Happy Photoblogging,

December 15, 2004

First Chicagoland Meet-Up!

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First off, let me say how thrilled I am to be apart of this long-awaited blog. Chicago is a such a great city to be photoblogging and I'm glad to be one of them. I've never met another photoblogger from this city but I would love to in the near future! Thus, I'm in the beginning of stages of organizing a meet-up! Some may think it's awkward for a 15-year-old to be organizing such an event so I'm asking for some help on this one.

Anyone who is interested in helping organize the event, I would to hear some ideas you may have( I was thinking we could do a group Mirror Project submission at The Bean, then eat lunch at Cosi (which a little bit north of the Art Institute, on the opposite side of the street). Just some brainstorming. Seriously, however, please, please, let me know of any ideas any Chicago bloggers may have...

This TypePad is hard to format! Very strange...

Open invitation to contribute to Chicago Photobloggers

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Howdy! Welcome to the home of Chicago photobloggers. The success of this site largely depends on YOU - the readers and photobloggers in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. On that note, I'm extending an invitation to all Chicagoland photobloggers to help out and contribute to our site. Heck, you don't even have to be a photoblogger! Your contribution can be as small or as large as you want it to be. There are a couple of ways we can think of right now that you can help:

1. Contribute a link to the blogroll - send the name of your photoblog and URL so that we can add it to the blogroll - the simplest and easiest thing you can do!

2. Contribute a photo to the photoblog (coming soon!) - send a photo no wider than 600px, with your e-mail/URL, name, a little description of the photo (the location of where you took it would be nice!)

3. Contribute a news story to be posted - ask to be a permanent contributing author to the blog. Post any and all stories pertaining to photography, blogging, and anything else that may be relevant to this blog.

How do you contribute? That's easy! Just send off an e-mail to and tell us how you'd like to contribute! We'll get to your e-mail ASAP add your contribution.

I look forward to seeing this site grow!

December 14, 2004

We're LIVE!

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It's been a long time coming, but we're finally LIVE! HUGE THANKS to Rod for doing ALL the design work - outstanding!

I'll be posting a note up on to OFFICIALLY announce Chicago Photobloggers!

Let me know if you'd like to be a contributing author -- I'll send along log-in information to you!

Welcome everyone! Pass along any Chicago related links -- and let's post up some great Chicago photos for the world to see!