January 30, 2005


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Ron of Bighappyfunhouse just started his own photolog @ http://www.slats.org...

If you're unfamiliar with Bighappyfunhouse, it is a photolog consisting entirely of found images. Often skewed, often old, these images conjure stories in your head the second you lay eyes on them. Now Ron has started taking pictures of his own.

How he finds time between finding photos, scanning and posting them, running contests, finding rewards, sending rewards, snapping pictures and now posting those picts on his new site... is beyond me.

i'm just glad he does.

check out slats.org from your friend and mine.. RON SLATTERY!

January 28, 2005

Take a Detour

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The Chicago collaborative weblog Gaper's Block has a section called "Detour" that features an individual take, whether it is art or writing, on a Chicago topic. This week, one of Chicago's most talented photographers and photoblogger Archie FlorCruz is the first to be featured in their monthly "gallery show." The theme is "Chicago's Skyline: Above, Below, and Beyond." Check out the exhibition and why not buy some prints while you're checking it out.  The photographs are fantastic - well done Archie.

January 27, 2005

Photoblogs.org Fund Drive

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As some of you may know, photoblogs.org is in trouble. The site has grown expedentially over the past six months -- there are now more than 8,000 photoblogs registered -- and its popularity has caused the server Brandon uses to run photoblogs.org to overload. He needs $4000 to purchase a new server and software to handle the increased load.

We owe Brandon a great deal for all of his time and effort over the years, as well as his generosity in helping us set up Chicagoland Photobloggers. Any little bit you can contribute will help keep photoblogs.org operating for years to come.

Click here to donate to the photoblogs.org fund drive.

January 26, 2005

Last Call for February 6 Meetup

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A reminder to all that the next Chicagoland Photobloggers meeting will be held at:

Uncommon Ground
1214 W Grace, Chicago
(at N Clark in Wrigleyville)
Sunday, February 6, 2005 at 1 pm

Sunday, January 30 is the deadline for me to make the reservation. If you haven't already contacted me at outofcontxt@gmail.com, please do so right away. We'll discuss, among other things, setting up group exhibitions at Jinx Cafe (thanks, Nick C!) and some other possible venues as well. Plus there's our group shootout afterwards in beautiful, downtown Wrigleyville (weather permitting, of course).

See you all there!

January 25, 2005

Film scans

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Speaking of equipment...

I was wondering how all of you scan your film to digital. Right now I use the so-so film scanning services of CVS because it is convienient (in the same building that I work in) and inexpensive. I've also used Wolf, Ritz, and even Wal-Mart. I only trust them with C-41, so I still need a method to scan in slides. Unfortunately, it is economically infeasable for me to spend $1000+ on a dSLR for a while.

I was currently thinking of picking up a dedicated film scanner for myself, and I was thinking of the Minolta Scan Dual IV, which can be had for $260 online. I have used the Nikon Coolscan LS-2000 when I worked for the newspaper at the University of Illinois and I was pretty happy with the results - it can be found on ebay for the same price as the Minolta but will be very used...BUT has digital ICE. Does anyone have any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive means of scanning film or want to sell me their old film scanner?

January 23, 2005

I'm looking for some equipment

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Hi everyone. I'm sorry to make my first post here so mundane, but here goes anyway. What are some good used camera dealers in the city? I'm fairly new to Chicago, so I don't know where to look. I'm looking to track down a used Nikon DSLR.

I'd appreciate any info anyone has.


January 21, 2005

A Run-In!

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Nick F. ran into Nick C. today. My friend and I were running to our choir concert (I'm part of the Chicago Children's Choir) and there I am, with my new Nikon D70 around my neck, crossing some street one block east of Deaborn and I see Nick C. of GreyScaleGorilla.

All I can say is, photobloggers are taking over the city.


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what do you guys use for counters? I've been using reinvigorate, but their servers are doggedly slow. I'd like something to see referrers, and unique visitors.. thats all i really care about.

on a side note, i just got a lomo and am anxious to start shooting with it. I'm shooting with no other camera until my birthday may16th.

January 13, 2005


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Big Happy Fun Ron of the House had mentioned we should post our favorite resources/links/fotologs on the site. I thought this would be the perfect place in the comments for them. Even use this as a place to post a reference to the things we talked about.

the street photographer i was talking about is Bruce Gilden
you can find a link  to his interview on EGG

one portfolio page but i'm sure another google search will produce more.

and, Ron. Satan's Laundromat? Top notch.

(thanks Roderick for allowing me to become an author!)

January 12, 2005

Call for February Meet-Up

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As per the suggestion of Steven (photoloukey.com) at our first meet-up, I'm hereby officially putting out a call for the next meet-up:

Uncommon Ground
1214 W Grace, Chicago
(at N Clark in Wrigleyville)
Sunday, February 6, 2005 at 1 pm

If this works for everyone, please e-mail me at outofcontxt@gmail.com and I'll make the reservation. I'll need to know if you're coming no later than Sunday, January 30. We'll eat some great food (UG is one of my favorite Sunday brunch places), take untold photos of ourselves, exchange tips, tricks and the occasional off-color joke (just kidding! or am I?) and discuss other stuff, including setting up group shows at Jinx Cafe, Uncommon Ground and other venues, as well as a group shootout afterwards (weather permitting). We've got Wrigley Field, the Alta Vista Terrace rowhouses, the N Southport Ave business district, as well as two cemeteries (Graceland and Wunders) to conquer (photographically, that is).

I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as some new ones, as well. See you there!