July 1, 2005

28mm.org: OFFLINE

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28mm.org: OFFLINE, is now available through that print-on-demand powerhouse, lulu.com. Fifty-one photographers, 204 photographs in all, selected by editor Rachel James, showcase a selection of their previously unpublished work in the printed final issue of the online photography magazine, 28mm.org.

Photograhers include Max Boschini, Jen Boxer, Christy Bright, Peter Chou, Lane Collins, Simon Courcha, Alexandra Emde, David Evans, Fabian Geyrhalter, Holly Gordon, Jim Green, Noah Grey, Raul Gutierrez, Ron Hammond, Peter Høvring, Rachel James, Stanley Jones, Blaine Kendall, Christine Ko, Scott Krycia, Erin Malone, Michael Marquand, Girish Menon, Jason Montgomery, Stephanie Noritz, Jonathan O'Beirne, Fredrik Olsson, Rudolfs Osins, Rob Pinciuc, Mario Pires, Adam Polselli, Aninda Praptiningtyas, Richard Reader, Christian Reister, Erin Roddy, David Rojas, Sam Scholes, Kat Selvocki, Michael Sloane, Emily Smith, Christophe Soresto, Heather Stanfield, Janco Tanis, Riley Töörn, Joshua Veazey, Tom Weis, Christal Westbrook, Tracy Woodger-Broz, YiMay Yang, Yaohau Zheng. Did I mention I'm included, too?

It's only $39.95US + shipping (no shipping charges if you choose supersaver shipping). Comes out to a tad over five cents per photograph. Not too shabby for a 200+ page coffeetable book. Just search for "28mm.org" to find it.

BTW, Rachel doesn't make a penny on this labor of love. It was priced to cover the costs of printing. Any little bit extra goes to cover the bandwidth of keeping the website open. I didn't make anything on the deal either except saving approximately less than $5 each on the two prepublication copies I was allowed to purchase -- and the satisfaction of seeing my work published along with that of some mighty fine photographers.