June 8, 2005

Ron Slattery @ New York Times

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Our very own Ron Slattery, proprietor of slats.org and bighappyfunhouse.com, has gotten a nice write up about his found photos photoblog by Jennifer 8. Lee (no, that's not a typo) in the Circuits section of this morning's New York Times.

The article is called "A Mundane Shot? If It's on a Photoblog, Someone's Interested"

The article is free for the next seven days but registration is required. It's also available via RSS feed.

May 28, 2005

Day in the Life

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From the kids over at Gaper's Block:

We'd like to run a "Day in the Life" feature next week with the theme Memorial Day. To participate, please submit a photo taken on Monday, May 30, to the Gapers Block group pool with the tag dayinthelife or ditl. Or email it to us at inbox@gapersblock.com. We need it by 10pm Monday; the feature will run Tuesday.

---Andrew & Naz

May 23, 2005

Proposed NYC Photo Ban Rejected

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I know this has nothing to do with the Windy City but this should bring a cheer to everyone. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York has dropped its proposed ban on subway photography. According to the New York Times:

"A proposed ban on taking photographs in the subway, meant to thwart potential terrorists, has been rejected as too broad to be enforceable, the police said yesterday. The measure, proposed in May 2004, would have banned people from photographing, videotaping or filming inside subway cars and stations; the press and businesses or individuals with permits would have been exempt. After public comment and discussions with the New York Civil Liberties Union, the police considered a partial ban on photos of tunnels, control booths and other areas closed to the public, but decided against it, said Christopher Dunn, the associate legal director of the civil liberties group. "From the outset, we have believed that a total ban would unnecessarily infringe on First Amendment rights," he said. The decision was first reported in The Daily News yesterday. Paul J. Browne, a police spokesman, said, "We don't feel the broad ban is necessary, and as a practical matter is unenforceable." People taking photos of areas deemed sensitive will still be questioned, Mr. Browne said."

Great news for the rights of photographers!

May 13, 2005

Gaper's Block featured artist

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If you're bored at work today and need something to do other than troll the Craigslist R&R (you know who you are), check out the work of Gaper's Block featured artist, Debbie Carlos. Debbie is the founder and editor of the awesome publication, Revol Magazine. Fantastic photos.

Go now, check it out.

Oh, and you can also see the work of last month's artist, Jen Schuetz, too.

April 18, 2005


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From Gaper's Block...

"Former GB staffer Luke has a challenge to all the photobloggers and Flickr-heads out there: more people in your photos. 'Chicago is a city of 3 million people, but you'd never know it from its photoblogs and Flickr entries...The facelessness that results approaches misanthropy, and it gives the false impression that Chicago is a cold, vacant and inanimate place.' Hop to it, photogs."

While I don't totally agree, I do believe that most photoblogs in general avoid people shots. I personally have a few shots of people in Chicago, but I admit most are obscured.

Are you up to the challenge? The warmer weather provides numerous opportunities for people photos, so don't pass them up.

April 4, 2005

Seven Pages Interview: Archie FlorCruz

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Jesse Ty Gonzalez, the proprieter of the photoblog, DailySnap, interviewed our very own Archie FlorCruz for his new feature, Seven Pages. Congrats, Archie!

March 28, 2005


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Our own Bill Vaccaro of outofcontxt.com is featured in this month's mooncruise*magazine. If you were there for the February meet-up, you'll see some familiar photographs.

Head on over there and check out his work. You'll need Flash, and if you're at work turn down the speakers. Nick F also did a nice blurb on the photoblogs.org blog.

March 22, 2005


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The finalists for the 2005 Photobloggies are up! Congrats to the Chicago Photobloggers who were nominated:

vitrine en illumina - Best Abstract Photography of a Photoblog
Milo------>eaSy reAd(O)+(0) - Best Toy Camera Photography of a Photoblog
No Traces - Best Landscape Photography of a Photoblog, Photo Of the Year
Orbit1 - Best American Photoblog, Best Studio Photography of a Photoblog, Best Landscape Photography of a Photoblog, Best Portrait Photography of a Photoblog, Best Photoblog of the Year
Ferocious Cheese - Best Under 18 Photoblog

Get voting! The polls close Monday, March 28th at midnight.

March 8, 2005


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The 2005 Photobloggies have arrived. I know that there are many Chicago photoblogs that can win, so get nominating!

February 10, 2005

Lincoln photo contest

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This weekend is Abe Lincoln's birfday, and if he were alive he'd be putting 196 candles on his cake. Chicagoist wants you to celebrate by participating in their first ever Land of Lincoln photo contest. The rules are simple: your photograph must have Honest Abe in it (duh), it must be at least 400X600 px, it must be your own, blah blah blah. Send them over to lincolnphotocontest@gmail.com by March 5, 2005. The winners get some Lincoln-related stuff (dude, I hope they give away a beard) at a special happy hour.