February 21, 2005

New Classess at the Chicago Photography Center

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If you have always wanted to learn traditional darkroom techniques in addition to basic composition and camera techniques but didn't know where go, the Chicago Photography Society is starting a new round of classes this week. I know that Bob has taken Photo I, and I can see myself taking the trinity of their photography classes sometime in the future.

The Photo I-III classes start tomorrow. You can get more information at their website at http://www.chicagophoto.org, and they are located at 3301 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, 1.5 blocks south of the Brown Line Paulina stop on Lincoln. They can be reached at (773) 549-1631.

January 10, 2005

Studio Lighting Workshop Anyone?

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Hi everyone!  I just wanted to check in and see if any of you would be interested in doing some sort of studio lighting experimentation workshop in a future gathering.  I'm all for promoting the photographic medium in any way that I can! I have a halfway-decent amount of lighting gear that i've used to do some simple portraits for family and friends that I would be willing to let you all mess with. The only catch is that we will need to find a wide open space, preferrably with higher ceilings in order to provide flexibilty for the lights and people.  I'll bring the gear anywhere if you can find or volunteer a space to do this.  Here is my list of equipment that I can bring to the workshop:

2x Alien Bees B800 Flash Unit
2X 48" Silver and White Reversible Bounce Umbrella
2x Photoflex MultiDome Q39 Medium Softboxes - 24x32" (60x80cm) with accessory kits
    (removable gold and silver panels, fabric grid louver, circle and strip masks)
1x 42" Circular 5-in-1 Reflector Kit
2x Litemod Unit Mainframe (to hold Color Gel Filters)
1x Set of 20 color Gel Filters
1x LG4X Four Channel Wired Remote
1x Nikon AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter (Hot Shoe-PC)
1x 15-foot PC Sync Cord
1x Sekonic L-358 Flash Meter - Digital Incident, Reflected and Flash Light Meter with Transmitter Module
1x Bogen 3398B - Convertible Boom Stand 420 (Black) with counterweight
2x Bogen 3364 - Light Stand without Casters - Black, 13'
1x Morris MBH-500 Compact Background Support System (includes 2 air cushioned stands, crossbar
    supports a paper or cloth background, up to 9' wide by 36' long.)
1x 4-outlet extension cord with built in reeling mechanism
2x King Size Bedhseets - (one black, one white)
3x Seamless Paper Backdrops: (white and charcoal grey at 9' wide, studio gray at 4' wide)

If I could get some feedback from all of you to see if there is any interest, that would be great, hope this brings opportunities for some of you to do something with photography that you havent explored yet.