January 25, 2005

Film scans

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Speaking of equipment...

I was wondering how all of you scan your film to digital. Right now I use the so-so film scanning services of CVS because it is convienient (in the same building that I work in) and inexpensive. I've also used Wolf, Ritz, and even Wal-Mart. I only trust them with C-41, so I still need a method to scan in slides. Unfortunately, it is economically infeasable for me to spend $1000+ on a dSLR for a while.

I was currently thinking of picking up a dedicated film scanner for myself, and I was thinking of the Minolta Scan Dual IV, which can be had for $260 online. I have used the Nikon Coolscan LS-2000 when I worked for the newspaper at the University of Illinois and I was pretty happy with the results - it can be found on ebay for the same price as the Minolta but will be very used...BUT has digital ICE. Does anyone have any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive means of scanning film or want to sell me their old film scanner?