June 16, 2005

So long, Polycontrast

posted by Bill Vaccaro in Film - permalink

Wouldn't you know it? Bob from No Traces is taking a darkroom course and Kodak insults him by announcing yesterday that they will no longer manufacture black-and-white papers after the end of the year. According to a Kodak spokesperson, demand for black-and-white paper has declined about 25 percent annually. Another casuality of the digital revolution. I cut my photographic teeth on Polycontrast fiber based paper. So long, Polycontrast, it was fun while it lasted. Hellooooooo Ilford (and Bergger and Oriental, too)...

The good news is that they will still make black and white film and chemicals. While I shoot primarily with Ilford HP5+, my precious HC-110 is safe... for now. The entire article can be viewed here.